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Offshore and Nearshore

We are expert outsourcers in the modalities of off-shoring and near-shoring.  Optimize costs and present the most cost-effective offer in the current market.

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Our mission is to help our clients by means of a partial or total contact center externalization. We will manage your relationship with your clients across the complete cycle of their life, reaching joint objectives that lead us to success. 


  • High quality of service from developing countries: guaranteed customer centric approach from our manpower.

  • Lower costs.

  • High recruiting capacity.

  • Multilingual campaigns.

  •  Flexibility.

  • Low rotation.


We have been working in and from LATAM for several years and we have succeeded in many off- shore transactions for many clients from Spain and the USA, as well as in many other near- shore campaigns for Chile, Argentina, Columbia, Ecuador, Portugal, Mexico, among others. We reduce your expenses and we offer excellent customer service.


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