Point of Sale Management


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POS Management

“POS management was created with the clear goal to provide our clients with sales support and customer care services to their customers at the sales point where physical presence is needed in order to carry out long, medium or short- term campaigns”.                                



  • Help our clients manage their customers at the sales point.


  • We are experts in marketing at the POS, branding and corporative image. We help you with customer loyalty and we help your clients go through with their purchases:

- Stewardesses.

 - POS animators/ animators at a stand.

 - samplings
 - street marketing
 - merchandising
 - Product launch.
 - Estrategias promocionales.
 - Promotional strategies.

 - Mystery shoppers.
 - Fairs/ Exhibitions


Keys to Success

  • Working permit management in order to work in supermarkets and other large retail stores.
  • We are validated to work in all Spanish retail surfaces (UCAE, etc.)
  • Personnel department with an exhaustive selection process (career plan, continuing education, learning recycling programs) and coordination systems at different levels with our clients.
  • Own reporting tool.

Attendance control.

Online, per brand, group, stock, etc.

Contract tracking system.


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