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Quality and Satisfaction

GSs has specilised unit in market research surveys. We measure client loyalty and satisfaction and also your clients, employees, vendors and stakeholders loyalty.







We develop qualitative and quantitative techniques in order to carry out different types of surveys, depending on the industry. Our surveys study:Satisfacción del cliente/ empleado (encuestas de satisfacción al cliente, encuestas de calidad, etc.)

  • Client/ employee satisfaction (customer satisfaction surveys, quality surveys, etc.)
  • The voice of the client: quality 360 degrees.
  • Customer experience: benchmark
  • Support to sales teams.
  • Polls
  • Mystery shopping: quality audits with undercover clients.
  • Predictive quality models.
  • Online reports.Informes online.

How do we perform our surveys?

  • In- depth interviews or focus groups/ telephone surveys, mailing, web, etc.

  • We design questionnaires (satisfaction surveys models)

  • Result analysis and reporting.

  • Design of improvement plans. 


  • European leaders in customer satisfaction and loyalty. We carry out more tan 500 projects per year.


  • We have a database of 2.300 clients and we are a leading provider of training for customer satisfaction and loyalty in more than 30 countries around the world.

  • We have our own online magazine “Stakeholder Magazine”: www.satakeholdermagazine.com


  • International reach.

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