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Work Team Motivation: Psicomotive

We have developed our own work unit named Psicomotive, devoted exclusively to motivate people: A motivated manpower generates a collaborative environment , it encourages the implication of the employees with the company, it helps our human resources to develop talent and, finally, it guarantees success in our operations.






  • The human factor is a key element in order to offer a great customer service, which is why an adequate management of our employees’ emotions will guarantee great operational results.


  • We generate commitment with the Project.
  • We assess the level of motivation within the work team.  
  •  We design a personalized plan.
  • Feedback sessions.
  • Implementaion of the plan. 
  •  Analysis of results.
  • Follow- up.



  • We use MOTIVATION as a tool to achieve:

Increase in the production and efficiency at work.
Decrease of absenteeism rates and staff turnover. 
Involvement and commitment.
Creativity and proactivity.
Collaboration and devlopment environments.

  • Cut-to- fit projects.


Keys to Success

  • Psicomotive is composed by a team of clinical psychologists who are experts in motivation and in managing emotions.  
  • It is an innovative product, unique in the Spanish market.
  • It is a tested product that does not interrupt the employees’ routine and the work of the team.
  • High specialization.

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Reducimos el coste por oportunidad de venta, damos mejor atención y reforzamos la imagen de  su compañía, dando sensación de máxima eficiencia, porque SOMOS ESPECIALISTAS.