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BPO Unit



GSS has a BPO Process Unit specialized in the provision  of Back-Office services, as well as in the transformation  of the Customer Experience Integration processes.                            



The BPO unit has a multi-industry orientation, and it is focused on increasing the productivity, efficiency and quality of the processes we operate with our clients, supplying them with the digitization and automation tools necessary to achieve your objectives.


  • Outsourcing of Middle-Office and Back-Office processes in omnichannel Telemarketing and Customer Service environments.

  • Evolution of administrative processes towards BPO channel.
  • Process automation, RPA, Certified Digitization.
  • Verification Processes, OCR, verifications public sources.
  • End-to-end contracting cycles, integral cycle of product and service administration.
  • Integral management of incidents and claims.
  • Support for Order-To-Cash and Supply-To-Pay processes.
  • Monitoring and quality of services.

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