Grupo GSS: Servicios de Atención al Cliente, Marketing Telefónico y Outsourcing


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jul 12

"César López, new member of the Circle of CEOs of DCH"

César López, General Director of GSS Group, has joined the Circle of CEOs constituted by DCH (International Organization of Human Capital Directors), thus forming part of this select organization, composed of Only 7 more members.

César López


This incorporation is presented as a great opportunity to take advantage of and learn about the different practices carried out by different leaders and members of the Circle. In addition, this organization is a perfect scenario to share experiences from different countries, with special focus on Europe and Latin America, locations where GSS Covisian Group currently has a geographical presence. 


Another advantage of the Group's participation in this initiative is the access to up-to-date information and the value of the sector, which allows us to know first-hand the latest trends in the industry.


The incorporation to this Circle of CEOs consists, among other things, in participating in different conferences and events that promote relations between the 8 members that nowadays form this organization, in order to achieve the common objectives that sustain the group. 


 The selection of César López as a new member of the Círculo de CEOs concluded after demonstrating his skills to the rest of the members, in addition to the Governing Board of DCH, who gave their approval for his participation.


The circle of CEOs is a DCH Advisory Body whose function is to provide a strategic vision on the management of people in organizations, for which its members meet quarterly. The organization in charge of creating this Circle is DCH, International Organization of Human Capital Managers, whose work consists of:  


Promoting and developing the Human Capital Directive field in organizations, as well as the technical and social development of these functions.


Facilitate the exchange of international experiences between Human Capital Directors of different countries.


Inform and disseminate any initiative, trend or news related to the Human Resources sector to the members of DCH.


At present, in addition to GSS, companies such as International SOS, ALD Automotive, Meta 4, Fundación Ibercaja, KPMG, LinkedIn, CBRE y Global Exchange.