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mar 21

"GSS Group and CRL (Labor Rehabilitation Center) of Madrid, united by the labor insertion"

GSS Group met with representatives of 3 CRL (Labor Rehabilitation Centers) of the Community of Madrid in our Special Employment Center to promote the labor insertion of People with disabilities.


The visit had a total of 15 users of these centers, accompanied by the corresponding TAIL (Support Technicians for Labor Insertion) of three different CRLs: Usera, Villaverde and Arganzuela, thus achieving a complete representation of these centers.

During this day we had the opportunity to explain how our facilities and our staff work, also making known to the attendees the characteristics of the different profiles that we need within our Centers. 

Likewise, there was an ideal scenario for the exposition of all kinds of doubts and queries, as well as to share enriching experiences with these public organizations that, in short, have objectives aligned with those of our Special Employment Centers.

These centers of the Community of Madrid currently have about 6,700 places and are part of a public network of social care for people with psychosocial disabilities and integration difficulties derived from severe mental disorders.

Thanks to evenings like this, GSS Group manages to strengthen ties and create alliances that will be exceptionally useful for future collaborations and continue to defend, as up to now, the employment of people with disabilities.