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feb 22

" GSS Group presents its nominees for the Fortius 2018 Awards"

The eleventh edition of the Fortius Awards begins, in which the GSS Group presents two important candidates: Fabián Cáceres, nominated for the Spirit Fortius Awards and Nadya Franco, candidate for the Best Platform Responsible Award. The Awards will take place on March 21, 2019 at the Príncipe Pío Theater in Madrid.

Premios Fortius


The Fortius Awards, organized by the Spanish Association of Experts in the Relationship with Customers, together with its two partners GoCongact and On Solutions, with the collaboration of ICEMD and IFAES, are committed to people and value the daily work of the professionals of the Customer Service in Contact Centers of Spain. In this eleventh edition they take a renewed path, introducing new categories such as the Fortius Spirit Award, which aims to recognize the values ​​of teamwork, the achievement of results and customer satisfaction.

One of the nominees for this award is precisely Fabián Cáceres, Head of Training of GSS. Fabián collects each of the aforementioned values ​​and this was reflected in the 2nd GSS Training Congress: "The idea of ​​all this is that together we can update, recycle and improve day by day". It is also important to take into account the evaluations of the attendees of this congress, which highlight both their ability to transmit, and how much they want during the whole training. Below is the summary of his application, where some of these comments are collected.


GSS Group presents a second nomination for the Best Service Manager award thanks to Nadya Franco. Nadya's work within the GSS Group began on the Badajoz platform in 2009, when she was still combining her studies with the teleoperator job. Thanks to GSS Group work projection programs, Nadya soon began to grow within the company, including our headquarters in Peru. He is currently Service Manager in our Barcelona platform, where he manages a service that started with 14 people to become a team of 250. All this trajectory through different departments and cities serves, not only to highlight their professionalism, but also their great capacity of adaptation and flexibility. She herself explains it in the interview for the Fortius Awards candidacy: