Grupo GSS: Servicios de Atención al Cliente, Marketing Telefónico y Outsourcing


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nov 29

"GSS Group has the highest number of prizes in the Apexo Experience Awards 2018."

GSS Group became the highest winner of the day, being awarded in 3 of the 7 categories. Apexo 2018 Experience Awards seek to reward, recognize and disseminate the best practices of contact centers & BPO in Peru.

Logo Apexo



This is the eighth edition of the award, which in past editions was called the "Contact to Excellence Award". Since this year, the change of name is due to the re-launch of APECCO brand Apexo (Peruvian Association of Customer Experience) that was held last August, with it also its contents and therefore the name of its traditional Award.

Precisely because of the Association's focus on innovation and customer-oriented processes, GSS Group has won in the categories of:

- Best Operation in Contact Center.

- Best Strategy in Social Media.

- Best Technological Innovation.


Our team collecting one of the night's awards

In the case of the 2018 Apexo Experience Award for the Best Technological Innovation, GSS Group has stood out for having a robust strategy of technological innovation and processes, which is fundamental, not only for the healthy development of its organization, but also for a quantum leap towards a new concept of contact center, which provides added value, guaranteeing its clients that they are always aligned to achieve the improvement of the results of their business.

In the case of the award for Best Process Optimization of a Contact Center, GSS has demonstrated full alignment with its client in its management demand in digital channels, notably improving TNPS levels, as well as the product sales rate. 

The Experience Award for the Best Social Media Strategy was awarded to GSS Group for its strategic vision in process improvement, managing to transform the traditional profile of attention to a 100% digital, oriented to a reference customer experience in the market of the retail.

During the candidacy presentation process of the Apexo Awards, "we learned that transforming our own operational management model, combining the best customer experience with efficient and competitive processes, we raise the satisfaction of our customers and their users", comments César López, CEO of GSS Group. "This is not an easy task in an organization of more than 10,000 workers, and these attitudes are what lead us to add value to the end customers," added Lopez.


APEXO's Awards