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sep 10

"Discatel celebrates it's X anniversary"

Discatel is the project of the AEERC (Asociación Española de Expertos en Relación con Clientes, Spanish Association of Experts in Relation with Clients) to promote the labor integration of people with disabilities in the contact center environment, and this year celebrates 10 years of life.

César López, General Director of GSS Group having a chat Mr. José Luis Goytre, director and promoter of the Discatel initiative.



What began in 2005 as a telework initiative in the contact center has become the reference project in the awareness and inclusion of people with disabilities in the contact center. Through multiple events, training and great communication work, Discatel has managed to employ more than 1,150 people with disabilities through its collaborating companies such as GSS.

During the celebration of the 10th anniversary, the main milestones that the project has undergone were reviewed, which is now worthy of several national awards. The day could not pass without a well-deserved tribute to Mr. José Luis Goytre, director and promoter of the initiative. 

GSS recently received the commemorative plaque as a company attached to the Discatel project initiative, through our active participation in all of its initiatives. "We are very grateful for the motivation and strength of Discatel that has helped us hire people with a great desire to excel and with a high commitment for the company" said César López, General Director of GSS Group, during the reception ceremony of the team of Discatel.

The video below summarizes the main moments of the celebration event:


GSS Group, in gratitude for the recognition granted by Discatel, and the visit of Mr. José Luis Goytre and Marisol Peñafiel, we have created this commemorative video that we share here: