Grupo GSS: Servicios de Atención al Cliente, Marketing Telefónico y Outsourcing


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oct 17

"GSS, is the first company worlwide to get accredited in the GMD COPC® PSIC."


COPC® is the most demanding North American methodology specialized in contact center.


GSS Group, Spanish multinational with more than 25 years of Experience in customer care services, is the first company in the call center sector worldwide to undergo and pass the exhaustive due- diligence process for the demanding North American methodology COPC®.


COPC®2000® PSIC is the most exhaustive regulation in the industry of the call center designed to improve customer satisfaction, increase profits and reduce costs. It is a long and rigorous process to implement the methodology and get results. It is not just a quality certification or regulation, it is a new management model designed to achieve customer satisfaction and increase the efficiency of the contact center.


Alejandro del Riccio, General Director of Kenwin, certifying company which played an important role in the accreditation of GSS Group explained during the III Apecco Convention in Peru that “It is proven that the companies which have certified the Guide achieve improvements in their results of costs, sales and customer satisfaction between a 10 and a 40%, in comparison to the results obtained before implementing the new process. This improvement is the fruit of the control of the processes, which translates customer satisfaction improvement, reduction of costs and in the case of the existence of sales objectives; there is also a higher conversion rate”.


The Guide for Performance Improvement (GMD 2012) is a new proposal of COPC® which allows contact centers to initiate the implementation of the best practices of management more quickly. According to del Riccio the new Guide will bring opportunities to companies as “it is not about what the supplier says. It is possible to check that the company has successfully passed a rigorous process.”


GSS Group, whose constant objectives have been innovation and quality of the contact center services, finally sees its efforts acknowledged and it positions itself in the international avant guard of the customer care services.   


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